Be who God created you to be!

Pauls’ inspiration, or Pi, like the circumference of a circle, encompasses my circle of passions:  Faith, family, music, knowledge, nature, community and industry. It is home, work, and recreation.  I believe life is meant to be whole and unfragmented. My aim in building Pauls' inspiration is to inspire people to be all that God created them to be.   
Pi is not something I’ve achieved; it's not success attained. It’s a road I’m roaming, a garden I’m growing - the ground still being prepared. It is my salt, my light, my invested talents, my good seed sown. I pray my yields are 100-fold.

Pi Mission:
To live a life that inspires others to know, trust and love their Creator. 
To give an offering of peace, healing and inspiration.
To help others discover their purpose.
To live simply, naturally, and authentically.
To shine my light so that others will see God.
What I Believe
  • I believe in a personal, loving, all powerful and ever present creator of the universe.
  • I believe Christ is the son of God, first born of all creation and fullness of the Univers (i.e. the Godhead), He is the Logos, that is the Word of God.
  • I believe the Bible contains truth, but I don't believe that the Bible is infallible, and nor do I believe it is all God ever said or will say.
  • I believe there is truth in most world religions. It is my aim to search for those truths.
  • I believe we will never know the whole truth so long as our souls inhabit our bodies. 
  • I believe everything is energy, the expression of God, therefore we are all a part of God.
  • I believe Earth is alive, but we, her children, are killing her.
  • I believe that Nature is one of our best teachers. 
  • I believe we were made on purpose, for a purpose.
  • I believe it's never too late to start making your dreams come true.
  • I believe healthy living in mind, body and spirit is the foundation for happy living. 
  • I believe we all have a song to sing and a story to tell.
  • I believe when you ignore Inspiration's knock, she sadly walks away. But when you open the door and let her in, she becomes a good, good friend.
  • I believe Jesus will return, perhaps within my lifetime. I want to be ready, not caught off guard, and not having buried the talents He gave me to invest.
  • I believe in extra-terrestrials, the spirit realm, dreams and visions, psychics, big foot, multiple dimensions, reincarnation...etc.
  • I believe I may ruffle some feathers with some things that I believe.
  • I don't believe I'll let that bother me.